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Cheap and Easy Ways to Overcome Garage Door Mishaps In Northbrook

Garage door accidents may not be at the top of your worries when you are trying to keep yourself out of harm’s way each day, however research has shown that over 13,000 incidents have been reported in 2007 that resulted in injuries like amputation, lacerations and even death. Garage Door Mart Inc. of Northbrook can handle any garage door repair, replacement or new installation in the Chicago and surrounding suburb region, without hassle, strain or worry. We service you and your garage quickly and efficiently to avoid any accidents. We use top quality brands and we never take any shortcuts when it comes to repair. Your safety, and that of anyone who comes into contact with your garage door, is of utmost importance to Garage Door Mart. Whether you need commercial or residential garage door services, we can be at your location same day and even on an emergency basis. That’s all day care for garage door repair!

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Garage Door Repair

If you are a big fan of DIY projects, you won’t want to miss our EZ-SET Spring Systems that very easily helps you repair your own garage. We do advise MOST customers to allow our certified and trained technicians to repair ANY garage door problems you may encounter. Doing so may save you from a garage door related injury. Here are some of the most frequent reasons one would need garage door repair:

  • Obstruction

    • Oftentimes the garage door won’t work because an object is in the way of the photo eye of the door. This part of the garage door gauges when to cease opening and closing. With a clouded or broken eye, the garage door will open and clothes when it wants to.
  • Faulty parts

    • but increased wear and tear on the garage door springs could result in inactivity, which will render the door useless.
  • Improper repair or installation

    • Always note that when repair a garage door, ALL parts should be replaced. Replacing some parts over others, or not lubing and maintaining existing parts will cause the system to wear faster.
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Garage Door Installation

We have comprehensive packages to cover a wide variety of mishaps needing garage door repair. Our garage door repair service can include lubrication of garage door parts and replacement of springs, rollers and drums as well as torsion plates and other parts. Packages are no more than $300 and come with a 6 month to a 1-year warranty! The best part about garage door repair with Garage Door Mart Inc. of Naperville, IL is we ensure all parts, partially or fully damaged, are fixed and/or replaced so that you won’t have to call us again. But when you do call us for the first time, keep in mind that:

Northbrook garage doors are a spectrum of beauty using the most popular brands of doors on the market, installed by the safest, most affordable garage door repair company in town!

Garage Door Vendors and Designs

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Chicago Garage Door Company

Garage Door Mart is a trusted BBB certified garage door company serving the Naperville, Aurora, Plainfield and all Chicago-land garage door needs for over 10 years. Our customers value our quality services and have submitted numerous feedback comments over the years that we proudly present on our site. Click to read testimonials and what our customers are saying about us.
"Door Mart came really fast just to lift the door up so that I could drive my husband to the airport so he wouldn't miss his flight. Ash came back later the same afternoon and he only charged us for one service." read more testimonials.
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