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4 Common Garage Door Problems and easy solutions

Your frustration knows no bounds when your garage door suddenly stops working, works intermittently or works with a mind of its own. You may have had the best garage door installation done, but with usage over time, these doors deteriorate.


The door opener may not respond to the remote or keypad; it may not close or open all the way, opens and then closes immediately on its own, or makes annoying noise.


Not many homeowners pay attention to these signs of damage and hence do not include garage door repair as part of their regular home maintenance. A close and thorough visual inspection regularly will help you take remedial steps and stop the problem from getting worse. Diagnosing the problems in the initial stages will avoid frustration and costly repairs for you later.


Identifying the issue in the early stages is critical;if you are a DIY enthusiast you can troubleshoot and fix the errors once you notice symptoms or errors, however, for complex issues you had better utilize the services of a professional garage door company.


  • Garage door does not open: If the garage door does not open to the remote, make sure the door is locked and also check if the remote is working and has working batteries in it. If the remote is working and the door is not locked, check if the door opens when you pull the emergency release cord. If that works you may have to change the up-force frequency.


  • Garage door makes annoying noise: your overhead garage doors use springs to roll up or swing to make entry. Rattling and squeaking sounds coming from a garage door as you open it, is a nuisance not just to your family but also to your neighbors, especially it feels annoying during the nighttimeand needs an immediate fix.


  • Paying attention to these obnoxious sounds will help you save you the frustration of bigger problems at a later stage.  Garage doors have many moving parts such as the hinges, springs, rollers, gears, etc., inspect these parts and make sure you lubricate them well, so they move smoothly without making disturbing noise. Tighten any loose nut or bolt, as they may also cause squeaking sounds.You can also use rubber buffers to reduce the noise, if required take help from a garage door services company.


  • Door opens and closes on its own:You may observe that your garage door open or closes on its own without you operating the remote or keypad. Well, this may happen when one of your neighbors remote has the same frequency as that of yours. You need to re-program your remote control use a different code to fix this problem. If the problem persists, you may want to check the wiring between the motor unit and the wall control, as faulty wiring can cause doors to open and close on their own.


  • Garage door does not open or closely completely: When the garage door opener alignment goes wrong, you will experience this situation. A misaligned door opener will bind-up and force the door to stop half-way or reverse. Travel limit settings may also cause such situation; you may want to reset the settings or have to replace the travel limit switches completely.


Perfectly installed and maintained garage door not only offers safety to your car, but also adds to the curb appeal. With regular upkeep, you can conveniently access or exit your home with a click of a button.

Posted on : 2018-06-15 04:40:531 by Garage Door Mart Inc

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