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5 Steps to Measure Your Garage Door Precisely

The residential owners may face tough time while getting new garage door installed. Most of the people do not possess knowledge about taking exact measurements. For this, the people should take garage door replacement service from the experienced professionals. They have special equipments to measure the garage door for the newly constructed home. Even residents can get it installed by replacing their old garage doors too. The Garage Door Mart Inc. renders specialized services to the residential owners. Here are some of the prominent steps for taking perfect measurements:


1. Width Measurement


The width of the door must be calculated at the opening point. The widest point of the garage door runs from right to left side. For the best measurements, the door opening of the frame should have 2”X6” of a wooden frame. The experts will take under consideration the irregularities as jambs that are not squared. This will make the garage door installation easier.


2. Measuring the Height


Experts determine the highest opening point in the garage door and look for the un-level floor. The distance is measured between the floor and the top of the finished opening of the garage door. This will help in providing enough headroom to the owners for keeping the necessary equipments in the garage.



3. Evaluate Vertical Track


Measure the width of the area inside the garage. The requirement of 3.75” is for installing the vertical track. This vertical track is for a single-car garage door. In case, the resident owners require measurements for the double car, then the width should be 10”.


4. Computing the Headroom and the Backroom


The experts from the company measure the headroom that is between the top of the opening of the garage door and the ceiling point. It includes the light and the fixtures. The professionals also measure the backroom of the garage door. The measurements are taken by covering the height that is approximately 18”. The residents can go ahead with the garage door spring system services too. The professionals use the special tools for the headroom and backroom measurements.


5. Interior and Roof Clearance


Under the Interior Clearance, the specialists measure the spaces at the edges towards the side walls. For roof clearance, the measurement of the underside is done from the lintel to the lowest part of the ceiling. In this, if the customers want the installation of an electric opener, then the door height plus an additional 4”2” is required.


The Garage door Mart Inc. is providing best services to its clientele that are reasonable. They have expert professionals who carry out the measurement work with the help of the specialized tools. The new door needs exact measurement to fit in perfectly. This will help in saving the extra amount of money of the residents. The exact measurements will facilitate in proper garage door replacement and for installing a new door.

Posted on : 2017-05-13 06:33:441 by Garage Door Mart Inc

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