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How Dry Leaves during the Fall Affect the Smooth Operations of the Garage Door

Now that fall has arrived, the time has come for homeowners like you to bring out the rake and the lawn mowers along with the leaf blowers. This is the time of the year when the dry leaves from your lawn or even from the curb can fall and litter all around your home. Besides anything else, it can cause you a lot of disturbance if it falls on the driveway and hinders a smooth passage out.


So, before you just go crazy driving the lawn mower through the leaf-strewn driveway one last time during the day, make sure that your garage door is working well. If your garage door is facing a jam or facing any issue, calling professional garage door company would be the immediate step to take.


Problems that garage doors face in fall due to the leaves:


The modern-day garage doors today come with sensors that allow the remote controls to connect and help in the functionality. As it is a strong bout of wind or storm during the fall season can wreak havoc anywhere. Though you might thank your stars that your vehicle is safe in the garage you might not be ready to face the leaves that have fallen all around the garage door preventing the door to open or close.



  • Leaves getting in the sensors: Likewise, if the leaves struck at the remote sensor on the top, then again, you have an issue. The sensors might not be able to work easily, and you might find that even if the remote is working, the sensor might not respond.
  • Leaves jamming the door: Another big problem that every homeowner might face after a night of storm is the presence of leaves and more dry leaves jamming the door. Whether it is an overhead door, or the regular barn door styled door, the leaves might find their way under the door clogging the pathway.


This is going to be problematic, and this means that either the door has become jammed near the floor with the leaves that have fallen all day or weekend. So try clearing them or calling in experts like us, at Garage Door Mart Inc. for custom garage door repairs or removal of leaves. 


This is annoying too if you are in a hurry to take your car out. The leaves would not strong and stubborn under the door or on the tracks.


Why is it difficult to take care of the garage door?


In the fall season, the leaves might simply fly and get stuck at random spots on the door and anywhere there is a crack. So if there are spaces in between the door and the floor, or at the top, these might get stuck there too. 


Call us for professional garage door services:


If your garage door is still not functioning after removing the leaves from the sensors or the tracks, then just call us at Garage Door Mart Inc. for instantaneous repair of sensors and garage door repair.

Posted on : 2017-09-27 03:34:111 by Garage Door Mart Inc

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