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Top Three Picks for the Custom Garage Door in the Year 2017

The traditional garage doors were ruling the scenario from past few years. With the introduction of customized garage doors, now it has become easier for the homeowners. They can choose the doors according to their home exteriors. The garage door company offers many modern and contemporary designs. They are available in several styles, materials, colors and designs for the year 2017. Here are some of the top three picks that residential owners can choose for their customized garage doors this year:


Wooden Carriage Doors


These Wooden finish contemporary style garage doors are popular for their styles and designs. They have a great visibility and functionality. They are available in different qualities, colors and designer wooden finish. The garage door services for these types of doors are available with many renowned companies. The wooden carriage doors have a specialty of wooden layers on the outside and inside with insulation in between. Here are some of its benefits:


  • Energy Efficient: This type of garage doors has insulation on the inside so it helps in maintaining HVAC system of the homeowners. It prevents outside air from getting inside the garage doors.
  • Durable: The wooden carriage doors are durable and highly efficient if they are properly constructed by the company.
  • Appealing: These Wooden Carriage Doors are visually appealing as they can have stain finish of nearly every color.



Hinged Garage Doors


These doors may not be like the other overhead garage doors that open vertically in an up and down position. However, these contemporary doors have side hinges that help in opening the garage doors from the side. The side hinges help the doors to pull and push conveniently and the garage door repair of this kind of door is reasonable. Few of its benefits are:


  • Stylish: The styling with ornate handles and the glass windows will make the doors look more beautiful.
  • Maintaining the Door: The fixing of hinges in the garage door is easier, which makes it fit for maintenance. It has few mechanical or moving parts that are easy to fix.
  • Easy Access: The accessibility to this garage door is easier as the owner does not have to wait for the door to open and close. The homeowners can enter and leave the garage at their own will.


Fiberglass Garage Doors


This garage door is easy to maintain and comes in nearly every design. Their coloring effects can match accordingly with the residents house exteriors. These are durable, flexible and customized with heavy ornate handles. The garage door safety of this garage door is great amongst the other customized doors. It is highly energy efficient because of the usage of better insulating material. This type of garage door has great visual appeal, available in matching patterns, endless shades, an addition of multiple window panes, etc.


Lastly, many popular companies provide customized garage door services from the big brands for their residential customers at cost effective rates.

Posted on : 2017-06-08 03:50:051 by Garage Door Mart Inc

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