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Why Do You Need Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement Service

Out of every door at a residential or commercial place, garage doors are the huge and heavy ones. Their damage may welcome mishaps and accidents unsafe for anyone and the vehicles even. The failure of the door to function properly may be due to pinch points, improper adjustment of opener force settings, safety eyes and mostly the damage of torsion springs.



Importance and life of torsion spring


These springs though small have maximum role in the function of these doors and go through immense tension as well. Rarely one and mostly two tightly wound up springs balance the system. Manufactures state that their springs work for 10,000 to 15,000 cycles, which would last for nearly five years. One cycle includes onetime opening and closing of the door. So if you are using the door twice a day then the springs might last long. However, that will not happen when you have teenagers and kids going through these doors every now and then. What if your garage door is the main entry into the house? The life of these springs reduces to a year or little more. It is better to get garage door spring repair or replacement once in two years at least from the reputed companies like Garage Door Mart Inc.


So what are the main reasons behind spring damages?


  • One of the most common reasons is the wear and tear of springs. Regular intense use of doors produces heavy tension upon the springs. With use, these would suffer damage eventually.
  • Another is the lack of maintenance. Not that with maintenance, the springs would last forever. However, with frequent lubrication, the user can increase its longevity. Its proper maintenance also includes using the doors without manhandling it. It is also important to check the condition of the door every season, especially in winter. The springs usually fail to function in winter, when its brittle nature is susceptible to damage. Test the balance of the door, carefully raise and lower it a few times. If you hear any squeaking sounds, then you know it needs some oiling.
  • Rust is another cause behind the failure of springs to do its work. Usually, what happens is rust piles upon the spring, which reduces it to junk. The rust also increases its coil friction. The only solution is lubricating the spring to prevent excessive rust to heap over it.
  • A garage door requires two torsion springs, on both sides of the door for accurate operation. What many builders do is to avoid the costs; they use one extra-long torsion spring to balance the door. Which is why the spring wears down very quickly with double load. Use of one spring for small sized door is manageable but is extremely dangerous for huge doors. Therefore, if you have one spring your door lives upon, then it is time to get the garage door spring repair on regular intervals.


Maintenance and full checkup of the garage door is your responsibility. Be regular to yours, other’s and your car’s safety.

Posted on : 2017-01-13 02:45:251 by Ashraf Kamal

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